Elite 3E ® is a complete enterprise business management solution that covers a wide variety of core business needs.  All of these facilities are available to the business itself, however the process of 3E Development can at times be difficult to track and trace.

ExaOps 3E Devops adds facilities to improve the ability to:

  • View changes within the 3E system
  • Link the 3E changes to other related changes through the use of a common source code control system
  • Ensures that Production issues and outages can trace back clearly to recent changes within the system, including system components that were modified and who to contact
  • Track any configuration and setup tables data changes that may have impacted the system
  • Create facilities for moving changes from Development systems to Production ones
Source Code Governance

The process starts with using ExaOps to export changes from Elite 3E to a source tracking system in order to provide visibility and clear reports of changes over time.  This includes all core aspects of a 3E database such as:

  • Archetypes
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Code

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