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Devops for Enterprise Systems

Improving quality and delivery

Enterprise Devops

Enterprise Systems: Elite 3E and Aderant Expert

Enterprise Systems such as Aderant Expert and Elite 3E are complex systems with thousands of database tables and tens of thousands of configuration data elements.

DevOps Advantages

Digital organizations can extend the DevOps model so that application development, application operations, and IT infrastructure work as one.

 McKinsey indicates that “the benefits of this move include a 25 to 30 percent increase in capacity creation, a 50 to 75 percent reduction in time to market, and a greater than 50 percent reduction in failure rates”

ExaOps’ Enterprise Devops provides a full suite of DevOps functions that covers the full range of required facilities to support a complete DevOps cycle.

An example of a DevOps function is that of Source Code Management – extracting and managing the source code within a target system such as Elite 3E or Aderant Expert.

Identifiable changes include:

  • Database Changes
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Document Templates
  • Embedded Source Code
  • Report Definitions

DevOps Enterprise Tools

Organisations switching to DevOps-based development approaches require that software tools engaging in the DevOps process must have automation facilities to support full DevOps automation.

ExaOps includes a range of DevOps Connectors such as:

  • Power BI DevOps
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) DevOps
  • Elite 3E DevOps
  • Aderant Expert DevOps

ExaOps provides CIOs, managers and software engineers clarity surrounding the flow of development changes to one of their core business-critical systems, allowing change tracking and deployment to proceed in a controlled and repeatable manner.

Enterprise Devops

GCR for Legal Systems

Adding Devops to Elite 3E and Aderant Expert

Legal Devops

for Aderant and 3E

Analytics, insights and industry-standard reliable processes. Gain insights into changes, productivity and risks.

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Managing Risk

Risk management automation

Lowered risk

Technology for managing risk

ExaOps insights provides a dashboard of changes to code, forms and reports. Enterprise system changes can be correlated against other related systems.

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Identify, monitor and improve

Governance, Risk, Compliance

Automated Risk Management

Governance Management

Manage Enterprise system Governance, Compliance and Risk and through the ExaOps analysis dashboard.

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Protecting the organisation

“No matter what industry your organisation is in, corporate compliance is an essential part of operations”

Helping to manage GCR.
Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Legal Systems

Improve management.  Lower Risk.

Database Tables
Configuration Rows
Deep Data Items
Enterprise Systems have enormous complexity.
Resolved with Insights, Analytics and Processes from ExaOps.

Implementation Plans

Implementing any new process in an organisation requires time.  To make the operation easier, we’ve created detailed implementation plans that help you with incorporating Enterprise Devops into your systems. These plans cover:

  • ROI and Value
  • Budget Processes and Business Case
  • Repository Setup
  • Developer Processes
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring 

Evaluation, ROI and Budgets.


Developer Processes.

Reporting and Monitoring.