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ExaOps Software

Best in class DevOps tools

Examples and Tutorials are Included

Enterprise DevOps

ExaOps’ Enterprise Devops includes tools that smooth the DevOps journey for enterprise organisations.


DevOps Connectors include:

  • Elite 3E
  • Aderant Expert
  • Power BI
  • SSRS (Sql Server Reporting Services)

Governance, Automation
ExaOps provides facilities that export the source code from within systems and translate this to a human-readable form that is compatible with source control systems such as Git.

ExaOps provides CIOs, managers and software engineers clarity surrounding the flow of development changes to one of their core business-critical systems, allowing change tracking and deployment to proceed in a controlled and repeatable manner.

Manage Change

Advanced tools that enhance the ability to manage and monitor organisational change.

Email a request.

Reduce Risk in
Legal Systems

Development and Deployment Management. 
Reports.  Monitoring. Compliance and Risk Management.

Database Tables
Configuration Rows
Deep Data Items

Implementation Plans

Implementing any new process in an organisation requires time.  To make the operation easier, we’ve created detailed implementation plans that help you with incorporating Enterprise Devops into your systems. These plans cover:

  • ROI and Value
  • Budget Processes and Business Case
  • Repository Setup
  • Developer Processes
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring

Evaluation, ROI and Budgets.

Easy Source Management.

Developer Processes.

Reporting and Monitoring.