Power BI DevOps

Power BI is a desktop and cloud-based business analytics service that gives you a single view of critical business data.  Organisations that adopt DevOps practices in order to obtain the in-depth benefits of an automated development, testing and deployment workflow require tools that perform these automation steps for many of the organisation’s current Enterprise systems.

ExaOps Power BI Devops adds facilities to improve the ability to:

  • Manage Source Code Governance of the Power BI report definition files (PBIX)
  • Link changes to Power BI files to other related changes through the use of a common source code control system
  • Trace changes made by developers or users to report files
  • Automate the deployment of Power BI reports to test and production environments
  • Automate changes to the report to change data sources from  development to test / production environments
  • Track any configuration and setup table changes 
  • Create automated tests both pre and post deployment to ensure a smooth DevOps process
Source Code Governance

The ExaOps for Power Connector provides facilities to extract the core design, configuration and data source  elements from a Power BI file and add these details to a source code system such as a Git repository.  

This includes all core aspects of a Power BI file such as:

  • Filters
  • Visual panel elements
  • Design aspects
  • Sheets
  • Panels

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