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Microsoft Platform DevOps

Devops for Microsoft products such as Power BI, SSRS and others. This includes support for core DevOps processes: automated Test, Build and Release (CI/CD).

Enterprise Devops

DevOps for Enterprise solutions from Thomson Reuters, Aderant and Intapp covering the entire cycle of reporting, testing, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and governance.

Database DevOps

ExaOps provides robust SQL database DevOps connectors that permit all aspects of the DevOps cycle to be managed, automated and governed.

SQL Schema Governance

ExaOps easily exports all key aspects of a database in an automated and configurable manner for use in the development of all kinds of software.

Elite 3E Devops

Devops for Elite 3E systems, including deep insights into development changes and processes for managing GCR for 3E.

Deep Data DevOps and Governance

Data is sometimes stored in a simple form so that simply requesting data from a table using a SELECT statement is sufficient. There’s a wide variety of instances where the

Aderant Devops

ExaOps Aderant Devops adds facilities to track and trace the process of Aderant developments.


ExaOps provides an advanced and intuitive dashboard that enables deep insights and control over the state of DevOps processes.  In addition the Enterprise Devops suite features a selection of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports that provide details of Elite 3E and Aderant  customisations enhances governance over organisational intellectual property (IP) related to  core business systems.   

ExaOps provides an integrated suite of tools to manage both Azure DevOps pipelines and installing, deploying and properly governing large enterprise software systems including systems from Thomson Reuters, Aderant, Microsoft and others.

Whitepaper: Devops in Enterprise Systems

Use Devops to reduce organisational risk and increase compliance

Capture organisational knowledge

ExaOps’ Enterprise Devops solutions includes capabilities to extract all development-style changes to systems such as Aderant Expert and Elite 3E into a readable and traceable form, enabling these changes to be included in source control systems and Devops processes.

DevOps Process Support

  • Automated test suite tools to provide testing facilities even to complex software such as Power BI, SSRS, Elite 3E and Aderant Expert
  •   This includes advanced bill testing and document generation testing
  • Use ExaOps tools to create DevOps build pipelines (Continuous Integration)
  • Build DevOps release pipelines (Continuous Delivery)
  • This includes automated changes to deployments to cater for changes in parameters such as database servers, SharePoint servers, file shares between environments
  • Advanced support for DevOps automation requirements

Code Governance:  including organisational intellectual property (IP) such as:

  • Database Schema Changes
  • Visual Form Layouts
  • Reports and Report templates
  • Letter and Document Templates
  • Deeply stored and complex data
  • Code, including code and scripts stored within databases rather than on-disk

Deep Data DevOps

What is Deep Data?

Data is not always stored in a simple fashion. In fact, most organisational data is stored on platforms or systems such as SharePoint, Excel files, the Cloud, or Databases. DevOps and Code Governance requires this deep data to be managed, maintained and deployed in an automated, testable and repeatable manner.

Configuration Data DevOps

Databases typically include near-static data tables that relate to the configuration of the system. This data consists of information such as: Tax rates, Department codes, Document type details, Workflow and business processes. Configuration data such as this is different from individual invoices, customer names and time entries that are created and updated on a daily and hourly basis.

Deep Data DevOps and Governance

Deep Data is data stored inside another data item within a Data Source. Data is stored deeply when a data item must be inspected or "opened" in order to drill down into the data to obtain the item that is being ultimately selected. DevOps and Code Governance processes both require access to all data aspects that is important to the DevOps Test, Build and Deployment process.



Legal Software and Legal Reporting solutions


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"ExaOps tools enabled us to properly manage our SQL Database as part of our DevOps adoption project"
Cloud Architect
"Our DevOps tooling now includes full automation of all the tasks we were aiming for - and we added Code Governance for PowerBI."
Senior Legal Software Developer


Easing the DevOps journey for Enterprise Software systems.