Elite 3E Devops

Elite 3E ® is a complete enterprise business management solution that covers a wide variety of core business needs and as a fully featured Enterprise  Solution there are customisable and configurable elements of 3E that require a full development cycle includes at least TEST and DEVELOPMENT. the ExaOps Connector for Elite 3E ® provides the following features:
  • Code Governance – automation of governance for code and configuration from Elite 3E. This permits tracing and tracking of changes to the 3E solution
    • Visual Basic (VB) 3E code
    • 3E Configuration (tax rates, codes, etc)
    • EDG (Document templates and components)
    • Form definitions
    • Database structures
    • EDI configuration
  • Testing – (Unit, Load, Functional) – code tests, configuration, EDG
    • VB Unit test frameworks
    • EDG Bill (document) testing
    • Configuration testing / confirmation
  • Build Automation
    • VB code compilation
    • 3E Deployable unit creation
    • Azure DevOps build pipeline support
    • Hybrid cloud and on-prem build support
  • Automated Deployments (Release)
    • Manual approvals
    • Automation of deployments
    • Post-deployment testing (as required by a DevOps cycle)
  • Monitoring
    • In-production monitoring
    • Status reporting
    • DevOps triggers

The ExaOps Elite 3E for Elite 3E Connector includes all required facilities to support a full DevOps cycle, as well as supporting options for combinations of on-premise and hybrid cloud approaches to 3E DevOps.

The 3E DevOps connector includes advanced functions for:

  • Analysis of 3E code
  • 3E Archetype analysis
  • Detailed analysis and reports of 3E customisations

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